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Hello WORLD(Z) –

I just wanted to take a few minutes on my flight to Lollapalooza to highlight some key thoughts from a fellow industry colleague and culture marketing partner, Jesse Kirshbaum of Nue Agency. We both attended the second annual WORLDZ conference in Hollywood, CA this week. If you aren’t familiar with WORLDZ, it’s unlike any other “conference” out there and truly has stepped into a league of its own this second year. WORLDZ comes from the founders of PTTOW! and is commonly referred to as “the Harvard (or academy) for culture”. We witnessed thought leaders across multiple industries give us a deep dive into their work, their brands and overall missions.

Full crowdz.

My favorite moments from WORLDZ included:

  • The story of Daniel Flynn and thankyou. striving to end world poverty
  • Claire Wineland helping kids who also have cystic fibrosis
  • Deborah Dugan (RED) in ending mother to child HIV by 2020
  • will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas and i.am+ discussing the future
  • Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia giving his opinion on being an entrepreneur
  • Deepak Chopra explaining the universe to us

Jesse shared his top 5 takeaways from his panel entitled “Musicians as Entrepreneurs, Executives & Tastemakers” with the Madden Brothers, Benji and Joel Madden of MDDN. The takeaways are quoted below and they resonated with me and the overall vision for my company, BTFL. For brands that want to be associated with pop culture, music is one of the most impactful ways to be involved….if done correctly.

Portugal the Man closing out WORLDZ…

Jesse Kirshbaum Top 5 Music Marketing Takeaways:

1 — MUSIC IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE — Music is a common foundation, a way of life and a universal language.

2 — CULTURE IS CONFUSING — An authentic connection to culture is critical to staying relevant, but demystifying and quantifying the value of culture is difficult to do without proper guidance.

3 — MUSIC IS THE GATEWAY DRUG — Music is the most effective way to align your brand with culture. Music is the gateway drug to culture.

4 — ARTISTS ARE A MARKETER’S BEST FRIEND — Artists are the cultural liaisons who can translate the nuisances that — in reality, may make no sense to any of us — but lie at the core of culture.

5 — MUSIC INDUSTRY IS RIPE FOR INNOVATION — There are more opportunities than ever to leverage the power and creativity of talent to engage audiences around the cultural topics they care about. Music will help bring your ideas to life and add a new dimension to your mission.

All for now. I’ll be in Chicago and NYC for the next week so please reach out to daniel@btfl.life if you’d like to catch up. ❤